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जाने अपनी फाइल्स को नए Users द्वारा गलती से delete कर दिए जाने से बचाने का सबसे अच्छा तरीका क्या हो सकता हे

विंडोज 10 या इससे पहले के version में भी इस आप्शन का इस्तेमाल किया जा सकता हे बस विंडोज 10 में इसकी प्रोसेस थोड़ीसी अलग हो गयी हे

सबसे पहले उस फोल्डर पर जिसकी फाइल्स तो डिलीट होने से बचाना हे पर right click करे और उसकी प्रॉपर्टीज पर click करे

यहाँ पर Security Tab पर click करे जहाँ आपको ग्रुप और यूजर नेम्स लिखा दिखेगा इसके बाद advance पर click करे

Windows-10 पर इन्सटाल्ड प्रिंटर को Win-XP से कनेक्ट नहीं कर पा रहे हे तो ऐसे troubleshoot करे

दोस्तों आज में एक ऐसी टिप share करने जा रहा हूँ जो आपके प्रिंटर को Win-XP सिस्टम से कनेक्ट करने में आ सकती हे अगर आपका दूसरा system windows का upgraded वर्शन हे तो जेसे यहाँ पर Windows-10.

हमारे लोकल एरिया नेटवर्क पर  सारे सिस्टम्स Win-XP ऑपरेटिंग सिस्टम पर थे लेकिन Win-XP का सपोर्ट ख़त्म हो जाने से हमने कुछ सिस्टम पर Windows-10 अपग्रेड किया लेकिन प्रिंटर नेटवर्क पर था और जब Windows-10 पर इन्सटाल्ड प्रिंटर से प्रिंट देना चाहा तो भाई साहब प्रिंट करने को तैयार ही नहीं हुए error 

"Windows cannot connect to the printer. Access is denied" 

फिर क्या था हम भी लग गए तो आपको भी अगर यही प्रॉब्लम आ रही हे की आप अपने Windows-10 पर इन्सटाल्ड प्रिंटर को Win-XP से कनेक्ट नहीं कर पा रहे हे तो ऐसे troubleshoot करे network printer problems  और अगर solve हो जाये please comment करना न भूले 

इन तरीको से मिल सकता हे 250% तक promotion

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FREEDOM 251 is it Possible to deliver a smart phone under such a small price

Just like all of you I am also trying,  to book this phone... however could not able to do it since today morning...and now servers are down.. is Freedom 251 is fake or scam...whether we should try to buy it in next opening or not..

Here are some good things offered in this phone... taken from the site

Freedom 251 comes with 1.3 GHz Quadcore Processor capable of fast and responsive performance. 1GB RAM and 8GB internal memory, all the space you need. SD card support (expandable up to 32GB)

With its 1450 mAh battery, Freedom 251 gives you more time to talk, text, Play and watch videos without needing to worry about running out of power.

Freedome 251 is having latest android Lolipop 5.1

but even after above great features how is it possible to deliver the phone under 251/- only eventhough the cover of the smart phones are coming under Rs.100/-

Site is getting millions of clicks per minute, it means millions of orders and crorers of Rs. will be transacted , they have promise to deliver this phone...withing 4 months time...will they be able to full fill the requirement of large India....

Biggest Traders like amazon and flipkart or Micromax and samsung have never given the prices like this...

Hope the Manufacturer M/s Ringingbell will fullfill the the promises they are making with us.

Till than have safe browsing...... and be aware of any frauds...while trying to buy any mobile phones..

Best of Simple Office Ideas 2015

Simple Office Ideas - 2015 - Ideas to make your work life easier.

Finally the year has completed and has given me lots of things to learn for the coming year

This Year I have come to know some of the best formulas to make my office life much easier including some of the them are also helpful for personal & social development.
This blog was founded by me in year 2013 and still growing...we just have to plant the seed for success and after that our regular care makes them big trees...with lots of sweet fruits...

Here is the review of Year 2015

The first Article I would like to add here is "Have You not read these Most Amazing Life Transforming Self Help books in world"

This is one of my favorite articles from last year I have created since it is not only a ready reference for best of the books but also have given me so much things to learn...books are best friend and can save our years of hard work..

A Habit of reading few pages of any great book is the best habit anyone can adopt for professional as well as personal success in life and when I started reading such books I thought creating a list of that will be great for readers of this blog also...Hope you must have gone through the List of Most Amazing Life Transforming Self Help books if not just click and read... and not just read but try to get their advise in to your life.

How to Improve Your English Speaking and Fluency and Become Successful Professional

Tips to improve your Spoken English and speaking fluency

If you can’t speak in English you will always be in a last row of your office and if you don’t try to speak you may always be in last row in your life…so learning the things that can change our life, your earnings are most important…every successful person will tell you to first invest in yourself, because only you can return it in triplicate or quadruplicate to yourself.

Speaking in English is Great Confidence Builder and If you can speak with fluency than Its Great Skill for your Professional Life as well as Personal Life..

This mistake can fire you from job..


I have prepared one application for our bank to get one of the documents to be submitted to our Clearing agent for clearance of an Import consignment.

The very first thing I did, is prepared the set and hand over it to our Senior for signing on it…he has signed the same without having proper look and one of the other collogue has submitted the same to our bank…

Bank persons have prepared the letter as required by us and immediately we have sent it through courier to our clearance person….

Finally after receipt of the document at our clearing agent, we have been informed…that there is some problem in letter given by the bank… :-(

We have checked and found that the application submitted by us having some typo error and accordingly the letter have been provided by bank…

Simple Office Ideas Wishes Happy Holi

Happy HOli

Are you the Cricketer washing cloths from your Bat

how to find the right job

kibsri. ID: 100129400

Have you remember that job portal add in which peoples were being shown doing the job not build for them…like a cricketer was washing clothes with his bat….A simple point to understand why it is necessary Working for the right person & at right place.

Always make sure you are working for the right person and in right company whether it is a small company or multinational …… Since all your hard work and good working skills can be honored only if you work for right peoples and at right place…

If you are working in a company of which turnover is going down every year , how you can expect a good growth for you as well as for your family since this is the first step of your financial success..

If you are working in a such kind of company you will also be having spare loads of working each and every time, since they are not going to recruit experienced persons due to their own condition and would like to make sure the work must be done within available human resources…only..means good persons will get more work to same remuneration 

Earlier I was thinking…if a company can pay me the amount I want, is a good company… but I was wrong 100%, it doesn’t means if they are paying you well, than the company is also well sophisticated and great to work within……… Don’t Count any organization for the amount they are paying…you must have to consider other factors also.

The next opinion says multinational organizations are well structured with great HR Policies so I have also tried for working in a multinational Pharma company…, 

Since most of the persons who are starting…professional career are having a concept and craze for working in big companies…but they are not aware some of these companies are let the peoples work around the clock for them…without any special incentives even though they won’t call you their own employees… ...

You are working for them but you are not an employee of that multinational company and also will not be eligible for their great remuneration policies and benefits. (Be Aware of HR Frauds)

Finally we can conclude that it doesn’t impact whether you are working in small group or big multinational companies…you must have the satisfaction for working in right person and for right peoples…and if you found it true in your current job than you are on right path of success you don’t have to re-think about change in your job…but if your answer is no than…go and grab a job you deserve…

How much time it takes or how much educational qualification it requires don’t care about that because whenever you will get the dream job this will much more beneficial than your current situation.

“Time has to go anyway it’s up to you how you are using it"

I have read one article of Mr. Brian Tracy in which he has suggested about asking for extra work from your boss whenever you meet with him…, it could be of a great benefit if applied… …

but this rule works only if you are working for right person and at right place…., if you are working in your current organization where the profits are going down day by day, you won’t get any good results while asking for work…however you will have lots of things to do… and can have good knowledge to move further…So still it’s a good practice.. to be applied in your routine working..

What If you are working for right place only… it’s good to work in right company..but if your boss do not motivate you , you are not going to move ahead in your career, same thing applies if your boss is good person, but the company is not progressive, than still the results will remain same as your current organization.

So its up to you how you can find a good organization with right persons for yourself. (Stay signed up with my next post How to find a good job at right place and with right person)

Hope you have read earlier articles in this series also….

8 Ways to Get the Promotion you Want specially eight.

How to become Expert in your field and Why..

How one hour extra can give you the promotion you want.

How do you priorities your work…dealing with urgent.

Dont Forgot…to share this article if you like

Best of Simple Office Ideas 2014

This one single skill if you practice can give you the promotion you want…!!

The best communication is let the people do whatever you want without asking them to do it...

Communication with your boss : Your communication is key to success. You can get any amount of success or anything if you can convince peoples what you want them to do

Most of us think our boss is devil (Including me also) and we should not face him or talk him until he required..any answers or reports from us…and this is the reason…your boss will not be aware/ignore what problems or work you are doing for mutual benefit. It also affect our promotion and other benefits which we intend to get from our Organization..

Your Boss is your First & Priority Customer

Boss is our priority customer, so if you know what he wants than you can only serve him better, as the person who knows what his customers want, gets better benefits than others.

Get aware about his work style/priorities and adjust your work accordingly... soon you will create a positive balance with him and it will also going to help you during your important communications with ease.

Reporting is the Essential of Better Management We think our boss should be aware what hard work we are doing and should have reciprocate the same with high promotions... but that never happened, but you can do one thing what is being happened in your work report him., try to discuss your problems and achievements with him.

Reporting is the essential of good management system, so let your boss get aware what achievements you are getting, if not being informed automatically try to make it manually, communicate with your reports through weekly email or verbal,this will help your boss to better understand your situation/achievements and when he will going to decide about promotions this will definitely help you with some more points..

Make yourself ease in dealing with your boss...with day to day activities...

Make yourself aware about day to day activities and requirements from your boss...further you can also suggest your point of view…communication daily/weekly work progress, asking for help/advise from him.

Asking for some more work , a better way to communicate with your boss is to have lot of things to do together, this idea have been practically used by Brian Tracy, who is the most successful person in business development/marketing themes. Simple thing the more you will get connected the more are the chances to have better communication with your boss.

Doing the works which he required to be done on time make it sure can be delivered before the time line .., your every success with your boss is depend on your positive work balance with him...the more he will need you the more chances of growth will be for you in your field.

Needs time management skills to better manage your time and communication skills to say No to unwanted task/persons

Sometimes it would be better to help him without general cases. Like he needs some presentation, you can prepare draft., or can attend calls for him or help him in meeting etc... this will definitely increase your chances of communication as well as promotion but make sure allotted works must be completed on time and if not possible inform him as soon as possible.

Boss is always not right but you can’t tell him he is wrong...Once I had prepared some documents with help of my boss, it has taken us 7-8 days to prepare complete set of technical documents to be submitted to Govt. Administration, and at least we have prepared and submitted to govt offices to get some permission, after 3 to 4 month , permission have been received according to our submission but after some corrections in our submitted documents, which were not intended to be done for us.

Result boss got angry on me, why you have not taken care of such things while preparing usual i was not happy with the response from my boss even after such hard work and for the thing I was even though he himself was not aware of the same.

So I wanted to clarify him, why he has not informed me since he was also checking the papers than why only I am responsible...

Way to tell him was show my anger...or let him understand with other way..

I have taken out the rough workings which were checked by him...and told Sir,...was it really ours mistake, since if we could be aware, even you also you have informed me since here are the documents you have checked yourself...and after your approval..we have finalized the same...

and that's a bouncer from my side...he got his mistake...and said sorry to me for his behavior..and also admitted his false..and it also made our office relations much stronger...than if I have shouted on him.....

Never shout on your boss,but must put your point with the ways you can..

Shake Your Shyness This is the biggest obstacle in better communication , your low confidence results in shyness in speaking in front of other peoples, you want to say something but you cant.., its a big obstacle but can be removed with practice.............

In spite of this you can easily speak with persons you are ease with and hence to do it with your on being ease in presence of your boss and this can be done when you are confident about your work since most of the peoples think that the boss will ask lots of questions about work, but if you are confident and expert in your working than you will feel ease in presence of your boss... so another thing is to work on expertise...& confidence level.

To Improve Your communication skills you must read…How to Influence Peoples and Make Friends a great book and must read you can get it from Flipkart /Amazon (Affiliate Links)

To Improve Your Time Management skills you must read…..Articles from Zen Habits/Brian Tracy..etc.

Hope you have read earlier articles in this series also…

How one hour extra can give you the promotion you want.

Coming Early and staying long can help you to get the promotion you want specially in country like India or anywhere in the world.

Staying Long can help you work uninterruptedly on the most important tasks, since no body will be there if you come earlier and stay after completion of regular work hours, because most of the peoples will left for the day.

After your regular work hours you can switch off your computer popup and phones, messengers etc. which will help you to work single mindedly  on your most important tasks.

In regular work day you may have lots of interruptions like phones, disturbing peoples, your boss…social media…etc..but when you come early in the morning and stay long in late evening nobody will be there to disturb you.

How to become Expert in your field and Why..

Why it is important to become expert in your field ??
Have you ever seen your boss or any senior person in your field why they are on top of the profession…most of the peoples will say he is from last so many years in this job and that is why he is getting regular promotions and hence reach to the top…… :-)
Am I right …..not at all, he is on the top due to his knowledge about the field and you know your network is also a part of your expertise.
Researches have shown that the more you become expert in your field the more money and power you can attract also this will make your work hour less than other regular peoples who are wasting most of time in search of how to do any task..
If you are new to any carrier you will earn less than any other person but as soon as you get more knowledge and experience you will start making more money.,
a story of Brian Tracy I would like to share with you. When he has started working for a company, had allotted a small chair at a corner of a room…with no assistants or any other benefits..
Within few days he was on top of all his colleagues with 20x more income and other benefits … How ???
just with his hard work and expertise……..actually he had used a simple trick of asking for more work… with his boss, every time he met with his boss just ask for some work for him…
and within few days he has completed lots of assignments given by his boss, and finally he offered him a big opportunity which has changed his whole life…,
You can do the same thing…but what will happened you will get stucked with work load… since you are not expert in working on important task within short time limit. 
so how you can do it..?? i.e. how you can become expert in your work
Your Education, plays most important roll in your expertise, most of the people start their professional carrier with general or field specific degrees and

8 Ways to Get the Promotion you Want specially eight.

How to Get A Salary Raise or Promotion in India.
(Tips to Increase your Salary)

master your field
Expertise- The No.-1 tool for being successful in any job or business..your expertise in what you are doing. Read Regularly about your area…make note of them and try to implement those ideas in your day to day activities…join seminars and attend classes,…do whatever is best to make you perfect in your area of work.. this will increase your earnings and knowledge in multiplication of lots of 100’s Read More

Working hard and stay long. If you can work hard and stay long you can have lots of time to do you most important task…make sure you reach at least 10-15 minutes earlier than your office time and stay at least half an hour after. This will give you an extra hour without any interruption to work single mindedly on your most important tasks. Read More